What’s new? LOTS!

All of us here at Slate Rock FR thank you for your business. Whether you’re a long-time uniform program or an occasional caller with a question, we appreciate you choosing us for your FR needs. We’ve been implementing some changes that we hope makes doing business with us easier. Nothing is perfect, but we promise our continued effort to make buying FR as easy and efficient as we can. Here’s some of the recent changes:

- Our name: When Ritz Safety acquired us in 2016, there was a plan to make us a “one-stop PPE shop.” Ritz Safety is respected around the world for their expertise and delivery of quality PPE, so it only made sense to bring that expertise to our customers. We gave it a go, and realized our customers were better served with us focused squarely on FR. Slate Rock FR combines our previous name with our singular mission to be your source for FR needs. We’re an industry leader in FR apparel and managed uniform programs, and we’ll do our best to stay that way

- Our sites: Since 2007, we’ve operated our sites on software built and maintained by us. This year, we’ve migrated our websites and operations to a commercially-available platform. This allows us the ability to bring you many shopping tools available today, while making our overall operation more efficient. We hope this means a better shopping experience. By making our operations easier, we have more resources available to sell you the right product and ship it faster

- Our product catalog: Current events around the world have created a supply chain nightmare, and many resources in the industry do not see things getting to “normal” any time soon. Some manufacturers are already limiting their offerings to make the best use of their manufacturing capacity. We’ve worked with all of our manufacturers to identify those products that will be continued to be supported, and supply our customers with the best options. Because we’ve reduced our sku’s, we’re able to stock more product. We will continue to work towards giving our customers great selection, and shipping quickly

These have been our biggest changes. We’re continuing investments and initiatives within our operation to make more improvements, all of which support our goal of providing you a quality selection of FR, and delivering it quickly.

Comments or concerns? Feel free to reach out to your Account Manager, or email Customer Service at cs@SlateRockFR.com
Thank you again for your business. We appreciate you!